Friday, July 25, 2008


There's a relatively new genre in literature called the "mom-oir," books authored by mothers with their unique take on modern-day parenting. Because there isn't a whole lot of useful training offered on parenting (in my opinion, at least), and parents often feel adrift in a sea of information, these books can provide insight and a viewpoint that allows a parent to clarify her own opinions. An example of a mom-oir can be found here. (Our friend, Katie Allison Granju, local author and blogger extraordinaire contributed to that book, by the way.)

Anyway, as I lay in bed last night trying to convince myself to go to sleep, I wondered whether there was a mom-oir for the working-50+-hours-a-week mom. The mother who doesn't see her kids all that much and worries about that. Would that be called a "worm-oir"? Or a "worry-moir"?

And if so, what working mother would have time to read it?

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katie said...

You know, there SHOULD be such a book. You should write it...with all your free time ;-)