Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zip zip

In the last 24 hours, we've been up and back to the Cincinnati area to deposit my seven year-old with her cousins for the week. This is a much-anticipated annual stay, and on her return, we are always happily regaled with stories about all the new things she has tried, like trying to catch a pig at the fair, riding a horse, wearing nail polish, and eating salad with onions (gasp!). It's good to have a little independence.

Last night we treated ourselves to Graeters, Cincy purveyor of black raspberry ice cream with mysteriously squishy chocolate chunks. Mmmm . . . good. And I bought some new books on Sunday: Twilight (had to see what the hype was about); Then We Came to the End; and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. A good book on your bedside table is like money in the bank, right?

Plus, I got about 11 hours of work in this weekend.

Whew, I can't imagine what this week will be like.

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