Thursday, August 7, 2008

Twilight: the Aftermath

In the past ten days I've plowed through all four Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer. I'm finally coming up for air, and it's a good thing I'm done. Between the birth of this blog and 2000 pages of hot vampire monkey love, my husband is feeling neglected.

All in all, these were fun books to read. A bit on the long side and more teenage angst than I prefer, but teenagers are the targeted age group here. What made the books fascinating is the back story: Stephanie Meyer is the mother to three small children. She wrote Twilight in about six months after a vivid dream, and it became a bestseller. She's written at least four other books since 2003 and now has a movie deal. Wow.

Although I must take a break from the silliness, I probably won't pass up the movie when it comes out on December 12. And I can't wait to talk about all the allegory with the friend I've loaned the books to.

If you haven't started these books yet, be forewarned--they're engrossing, and if you start writing a blog at the same time, your spouse will not be amused when you fail to surface for two weeks.

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katie allison granju said...

Hot vampire monkey love.