Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Moment of Calm Observation

(Climbing onto soapbox.)

Have you noticed how so many writers on the Web seem to be deeply angry? In an out-of-control way? What is their goal? To out-shout and out-mean everyone else?

Our friend, Katie Allison Granju, writes for a living, and lordy, does she take a lot of abuse from angry writers. What she has to sift through on a daily basis is scary and disheartening. I admire how she shakes it off and proceeds apace. When I wrote a spoof letter to Warren Buffet the other day, some folks were pretty negative about it. I'd like to say I just shook it off, but I couldn't resist making a return jab myself. It's a good example of how a lack of respect for others is contagious. And a reminder of how I need to do better.

Look, we all have opinions, and for the most part, seeing things from different viewpoints is helpful. But why not express opinions respectfully? In a way that shows self-control and dignity? Maybe it would lead to a shared understanding. And isn't that what we're all after, anyway?

OK, I'm done now.

(Climbing off soapbox (trips, no doubt)).

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kag said...

I feel bad that I posted that at my KNS blog. I thought it was hilarious! I had no idea the nutters would go after you.


Can I make it up to you with lunch later this week?