Saturday, November 22, 2008

Romp in the Snow

We visited Western North Carolina today to pick out a Christmas tree and were so lucky to find SNOW --beautiful, white, thick snow--good for sledding and a snow ball fight.

The 500Jerk kids have hardly ever seen snow, so they don't know elementary things like (a) snow is not healthy to eat (UPDATE: Turns out my running partner--an adult raised in Raleigh--does not know this rule either. Maybe it's a Southern thing?); (b) snow makes you wet if you roll in it; and (c) snow is better to pick up when you are wearing gloves.

We had a quick tutorial, of only modest effectiveness.

They also don't how to steer a sled AT ALL and had a truly spectacular crash into a course-side tree. Luckily, pine tree branches hang low to the ground and are fairly springy, so the damage to human limbs was minimal.

Boy Wonder loved every tree, especially the smaller, scraggly ones.

We had fun picking out a tree so large we had to roll it out of the 500Jerk truck when we got home. The thing is absolutely monstrous and cannot be lifted.

Hope we get some good snow this winter in East Tennessee.

The 500Jerk kids are ready.

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