Monday, December 22, 2008

Bodies Strewn About the Place; Right, It Must Be Christmas

The larger 500Jerk tribe started trickling in yesterday for the Christmas holiday, and although our house is plenty roomy, this morning when I left for work it was just plain filled up. There were people sleeping on the floors, on the chairs, and in all the beds. There was a disconcerting amount of STUFF everywhere (have I told you about my obsessive compulsive neatness disorder?). And the SHOES--I cannot adequately describe this. I am shaking my head in disbelief even whilst sitting in front of my computer. We literally could shoe an ENTIRE ARMY with the heaps of footwear beside the doors. There are shoes for everyone, times three. You think there couldn't possibly be any more shoes to add to the pile, then MORE people come over and add THEIR shoes.

Luckily, I love each of these visitors, and the challenge of accommodating all of them is a minor blip in comparison to the ridiculous amounts of feasting, fun, and catching up we do during this week. And we are lucky that our relatives, many of whom are teenagers or 'tweens, are resilient enough to endure the discomfort of sleeping hunched in two chairs or on a cold wooden floor after a 2AM game of Settlers of Catan. My children, the youngest of their generation of cousins, absolutely adore their older cousins, who take the time to play with them and tease them and keep them up way too late at night.

So it will be a fun week. With plenty of footwear. Pictures soon.

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Katie said...

We have a giant shoe bucket by each door. All the shoes go in the shoe bucket. It's a corrugated metal thing.