Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Positive Power of Sibling Rivalry

500Jerk: So, buddy, who's the Washington Monument named after?
Boy Wonder (distracted): That guy, you know, the guy with the Lincoln Memorial.
500Jerk Spouse: The Washington Monument is named after Abraham Lincoln?
Boy Wonder (fidgeting): Right.
500Jerk Spouse: I'll tell you what. Let's build a really tall monument for you, made out of gold. It'll be really pretty. Then we'll call it the "Miss M Memorial," after your sister. How would that be?
Boy Wonder (thunderstruck): No! No, no, no, now I remember! The Washington Monument is named after George Washington. It's HIS monument.
500Jerk Spouse: Are you sure?
Boy Wonder: Yes!
500Jerk Spouse: OK, then.

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