Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Season to Be Jolly

I don't know about you, but I'm still listening to Christmas carols, and I haven't taken our tree down. I like the lights and the music, and in that regard, the season just doesn't last long enough.

A few photos of Christmas 2008:

Thanks to my SIL's seven children, we always have a lot of stockings to hang.

Feeding the horde. Pretty much the entire Christmas week, dinner is for 20-25 people per night. Everyone pitches in, though, so it's really very manageable.

Some of the cousins made delicious chai-gingerbread men. They were inspired by the gingerbread house in the foreground my friend D. made from scratch.*

Miss M with favorite cousin Laura Lou, Christmas morning. Oh, those girls.

Miss M, wearing American Girl Felicity's bonnet, with Grandma B.

And Boy Wonder with his supercool iPod shuffle. I love that he sings aloud to it. Tunelessly.

It was very merry.

*Meaning she bargained with the Fresh Market staff at 6PM Christmas Eve until they let her have it for $5.99.**

**Love ya, D., 20 second hug!

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