Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bound for Costa Rica

Continuing in the 500Jerk Spouse's quest to visit all countries with man-sized lizards, we have booked an el cheapo trip to Costa Rica for spring break. We fly into San Jose, then rent a car for a five-hour trip west to Guanacaste province.

What, you might ask, is the status of Costa Rican roads? GOOD QUESTION. Costa Rica appears to have only one major highway and a lot of gravel roads, some of which are passable only in summer.

We'll be there in March.

Also! The directions to our hotel indicate there may be a bit of a language barrier ("Turn right in the gas station. Pass three cities.").

Regarding what we will do, when and if we reach our Pacific Coast destination, here are the things I like about traveling:
1. Local food
2. Local art
3. Foreign languages
4. Cities
5. History and architecture
6. Scenery
7. Shopping
8. Air conditioning
9. Organized tours

Here are the things the 500Jerk Spouse likes about traveling:
1. Lizards
2. Alligators
3. Camping
4. Aimless driving around the countryside
5. Lizards
6. Lizards
7. Lizards

Here are the things Miss M and Boy Wonder like about traveling:
1. Pool
2. Pool
3. French fries
4. Lizards
5. Pool
6. Pool

Despite our divergent interests, I know we'll have a great time and learn a lot. Costa Rica has howler monkeys, volcanos, and beautiful art. Plus, beaches, jungle, and good food.

I can't wait.

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