Monday, January 19, 2009

The Food-Blog Correlation

I can apparently only do one creative thing at a time, so because I've recently been cooking a lot, my blog entries have been correspondingly lean. My family has benefited in the last week, though, from turkey chili, pork roast, Asian slaw, a bulgur-feta-walnut pilaf, homemade tomato orzo soup, and lots of thick cut homemade cinnamon oatmeal with dried fruit. Plus, they've been actually able to use the computer for vital tasks like searching for an Aussiedoodle puppy and reading snarky conservative commentary.

Given that last, I think it's about time for me to reclaim the computer.


Anonymous said...

Must be the tomato orzo soup from Causing a Stir!! How did you like it? steph

500Jerk said...

Yes! We love it--it is so good. And I am getting ready to make the almond sheet cake you recommended for my MIL's bday. Hope you guys are well--let me know what you're cooking!