Thursday, January 15, 2009

High Praise

My lovely Miss M is home today with a bad sore throat (yes, Mom, I took her to the doctor's and no, it's not strep, and you know it's not cheap to go to the doctor anymore, right? Did you know, for instance, that it now costs me $132 OUT OF POCKET for a physician visit because we're all on a high deductible HMO? Right. I agree. It's a total scam. But it means doctor visits are going to be fewer and far-er between-er, OK? OK then.).

At any rate, Miss M and I had a nice morning together. While I worked from home, she watched Nancy Drew. And then we had lunch together. As I was leaving the house after her dad came home, she gave me a big hug and waved to me from the door. Right after I left, the 500Jerk Spouse called to tell me he heard Miss M muttering happily to herself on the way back to the couch, "She sure is a good mama, that mama."

Just what every mama wants to hear, right?

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Anonymous said...

That's lovely! Congratulations.