Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Play a Game of Chase

You are helping a small boy into his pajamas when you notice his ribs are unprotected. You can't help but tickle him, and he shrieks in glee and runs away. You run after him. While you are concentrating on catching the boy, his eight year-old sister sneaks up behind you and tickles you. You turn to chase her. Soon both children are racing around the counters, shrieking and gasping with laughter, scattering like chickens when you get close. You hide under the counter and spring out at them. You sneak around doorways and spring out at them. This continues for several minutes until you, the boy, and the girl are laughing so hard you can no longer stand up.

The other adult in the room regards you with concern, then extends a hand to help you off the floor. The girl leaps up and tickles his undefended ribs.

Then the whole game begins again.

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