Friday, February 20, 2009

My Alarm Clock Is Six Years Old

Every single morning around 6:45AM, Boy Wonder comes in to snuggle, and I love it because at all other times he is much, much too busy with Legos and wearing his pants out at the knees for that sort of thing. I know, I know, I really should be up doing something useful and productive by 6:45AM, like running, or making lunches, or writing on this blog (wait--that's not useful), but the fact is, I'm not. Plus, The Immobilizer--our heavy arctic-level down comforter--goes a long way in preventing any sort of winter morning usefulness.

So 6:45AM rolls around and I'm ensconced in 98.6 degree heat when Boy Wonder crawls under The Immobilizer ready to discuss . . . stuff. Like whether sewer systems break down, and what happens when they do, and why Eskimos kiss the way they do, and whether I'm awake, like really REALLY awake, and how hopeful he is that breakfast will be cereal AGAIN, and how Honey Nut Os are the best, THE BEST, then we quietly wave at each other with our index fingers and blink and doze off until the 500Jerk Spouse's pseudo-Caribbean Blackberry alarm wrecks the whole thing around 7AM.

It is a perfect start to the day.

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