Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Funny Valentines

The 500Jerk family took off for Chattanooga Valentine's Day weekend to enjoy the Children's Discovery Museum, the Chattanooga Aquarium, and nonstop gelato at GreenLife grocery.

Miss M practiced her meditative skills under the arch she built at the Children's Discovery Museum.

Boy Wonder attempted to wrap himself in a big bubble outside the Children's Museum.

There's some serious ham in that Miss M.

The hotel where we stayed had a POOL! A pool in February is like finding an unexpected present hidden behind the Christmas tree. To the dismay of the spa-goers attempting to have a serene poolside moment, there was much aquatic frolicking and enjoyment on the part of the 500Jerk kids.

Tee hee.

We found a strange, but friendly bird perched on a post in Chattanooga. A chick, really.

Some of our favorite things about Ch-ch-ch-chattanoogie:

1. GreenLife gelato (3xs in 36 hours).
2. Petting stingrays and sharks at the Aquarium.
3. The Australian leafy and weedy sea dragons at the Aquarium.
4. The locks in the water play at Children's Discovery museum.
5. The Aquarium's hellbender, a large salamander that looks like God's trial run at creating an animal.

We also took time on Sunday to visit Sewanee, which is about a 40 minute drive from Chattanooga. Sewanee is home to the absolutely stunning All Saints Chapel, an architectural jewel on the Cumberland Plateau.

As is usually the case, my camera batteries gave up the ghost, just when I needed them most. But I did get a picture of the vista from the Cumberland Plateau.

All in all, a happy Valentine's Day weekend.

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Katie said...

I loooove Sewanee. I could very happily live there.