Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stubborn Like a Mule

Despite numerous entreaties from his mother, Boy Wonder could not be dissuaded from a celebratory dinner at Mr. Gatti's for his sixth birthday. Neither bribes ("What about PF Chang's?"), threats ("If you choose Mr. Gatti's, then it's T. Ho for MY birthday."), nor deception ("I'm not sure there's a Mr. Gatti's around here.") proved effective. Then Miss M joined in: "I actually LIKE Mr. Gatti's, Mom."

I was obviously not going to win this fight.

So last night we gathered with grandparents for a pizza dinner at Mr. Gatti's. The one at West Hills is cleaner than I expected. And really, the food wasn't all that bad. Put it this way: I've had worse. And none of us seem to be sick this morning, so that's a win.

But even if my kids wail about how much they hate it, come July 11, you'll find us at T. Ho.

Stubborn like a mule runs in my veins, too.

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Katie said...

Hilarious ;-)

Six is an awesome age, too.