Monday, March 9, 2009

The Clothes, They Make Me Tired

I’m not a shopper. Rather, I’m not a spender. When I bring myself to buy clothes, usually in a mail-order sprint, I want them to last ten years. At least. For example, I still wear a worn out blue SKYR turtleneck from high school. I'm not even going to tell you how old that makes it. OLDER THAN DIRT THAT'S HOW OLD.

So given my frugality and general disinterest in all things shopping, it is with some dismay that I’ve been looking over my wardrobe these warm, early spring days, trying to figure out what’s appropriate to wear to work. You see, my current wardrobe falls into two categories: Suits and Slob. Circa 1999. Something clearly must be done, but with minimal effort and expense.

I’m thinking about a uniform regimen. It will go something like this:

Monday: suit
Tuesday: sweater set (two different colors, for alternating weeks) /black pants
Wednesday: cute Boden jacket (two different colors, alternating weeks) /khakis
Thursday: suit
Friday: grab bag

Does everyone do this?

If not, will anyone catch on?

And even if they do, so what?


big genie said...

I think you are better served having a limited selection a good quality items than having lots of cheap things you don’t wear often.

500Jerk said...

I'm thinking more about a limited selection of cheap items.


kag said...

One word for you: Garanimals


500Jerk said...


Adult Garanimals--I see a niche industry.

AppyLove said...

I LOVE Boden! Also your ambition in this project. I've pretty much given up and decided I just need to find a job that allows me to wear jeans at varying levels of cleanliness every day.

500Jerk said...

Isn't Boden stuff cute? I do sometimes wear jeans to work. I always feel funny getting on my corporate office building's elevator with all the suits, though.

What kind of work do you do, Appy Love?

AppyLove said...

I apologize in advance for the length of this response. For the past seven years I've been a middle- and high-school teacher. I am in the process of applying to vet school at UTK, so I took a leave of absence to finish up the coursework for that, and I've been working for a sustainable farming nonprofit and doing some freelance writing and playing music with my husband (a fourth-year med student) in between studying for biochem exams. If I get in to v-school, it's going to be tough to give up my recent creative (though EXTREMELY impoverished) lifestyle. But I think a career as a musician OR a large animal vet would allow for jeans most of the time, don't you?

500Jerk said...

Jeans, definitely, yes. Best of luck with the vet school prep; good for you switching careers! I just got through reading Randy Pausch's last lecture on Realizing Your Childhood Dreams--hope that's what you're doing.