Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday we got ten new day-old chicks. Believe it or not, they come in the mail. It seems inhumane, but the thing about chickens is, they're very resilient. Also, not too smart. I think they're basically OK with traveling parcel post.

This time around, Miss M and the 500Jerk Spouse selected a host of chicken types. We have two white Leghorns, Blanca and Fluffy Two (Fluffy One had an unfortunate encounter with a neighborhood dog last summer); a German Spitzhauben, Heidi; three Americunas, nameless; one black Sumatra, Beauty; a Golden Phoenix named Chip; and two Rhode Island Reds, also so far nameless.

That brings the 500Jerk chicken flock to sixteen. Our year-old hens lay an egg almost every day. We estimate our current household egg count to be 60. That's right. FIVE DOZEN. And we eat eggs nonstop. We have made meringues; scrambled eggs; quiches; breakfast casseroles; and omelets. We have given eggs to relatives, neighbors, and friends. We have so many eggs we don't know what to do with them, and every day, there are five or six more. We're starting to think about just leaving them in strangers' cars.

But the chicks. They sure are cute.


JLY said...

Don't forget you have neighbors down the street who would be very happy to help fund something for Miss M and BW if you'd sell some to us (or leave them in the car before you hunt for strangers!)
We're looking forward to starting our adventure later this year! Hope you'll be ready with advice.

500Jerk said...

Oh now you've done it! I'm leaving some in your mailbox tomorrow.