Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pie Social

Last night, we hosted a self-described "pie social," where families each brought a pie to share. We had lemon meringue pie, apple pie, fudge pie, wild berry pie, and brownies. Caught up in the haze of this 1950s-like gathering, I forgot that people in 2009 generally like to drink beer on a Saturday night. Pie and beer. I just didn't put it together. And, embarrassingly, we only had three bottles of beer in the refrigerator. So the 500Jerk Spouse made a mad dash to the neighborhood grocery store mid-forkful.

Be ye forewarned: If you, too, should wax nostalgic and want to host a Saturday night pie social, first do not forget to stock up on the Fat Tire.

UPDATE: An e-mailed comment from my Uncle Jimmy, an Iowan: "Beer with pie!!! What will those southerners think of next."


Katie said...

We had an awesome time :-)

We're up next! I doubt I can come up with anything as clever as a pie social, though...

JLY said...

On the other hand, if the hosts are known to imbibe little (or not at all), I believe it is entirely reasonable to expect guests to BYOB!
Sounds like fun regardless.