Friday, May 1, 2009

Open Plea to the Internet

Boy Wonder is desperately seeking a 1976 silver dollar. The bicentennial one. He has been talking about it nonstop since his friend found one Wednesday buried in the dirt at school. Dirt that Boy Wonder unearthed, such that he feels robbed of the coin, even though he did not actually sift through the dirt like his lucky friend did.

We've been to five banks, and no one has a 1976 silver dollar. We've offered Boy Wonder other coins, but no other coin satisfies.

Does anyone have a 1976 silver dollar, and if yes, would you be willing to part with it for this six year-old cause?

Because I'm not sure I can stand to hear about it for much longer.


The Snarky One said...

Did you call the coin collector stores here in Ktown?

500Jerk said...

We did find one, thanks!