Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things I Don't Want To Be When I Grow Up

1. I don't want to be a cynic.
2. Or conventional.
3. Or a cliche.
4. Or one of those women whose hair doesn't move.
5. I don't want to be the mom you're kind of afraid of.
6. With the ultra clean house.
7. And no good junk food.
8. I don't want to be the parent who treats her kids like servants.
9. And uses bad words.
10. Yeah.
11. I want to be fun, and accessible, and eager to learn.
12. I want my kids to laugh, and love themselves, and
13. Just BE.
14. I want my husband to be happy.
15. And when I'm old--like really, really old?
16. I want to look back and know that--
17. I was good to my family.
18. And my dog.
19. And even if I'm not perfect--
20. I want them to know they were.


AppyLove said...

I love this.

500Jerk said...


You're back!

I'm glad you like the post; it was fun to write.

Hope you had a good trip out west. Maybe you'll post some pix?

AppyLove said...

I'll post a link to our travelogue. Also, I was thinking about your list when I heard this song on a playlist: "When It Comes My Turn" by David Miles. It has the same theme as your list. It won the Merlefest songwriting contest last year, and you can find it on iTunes if you're interested. It seemed kind of serendipitous that I heard it right after checking out your blog...weird how that happens.