Friday, July 10, 2009

I Can't Even Imagine What First Grade Will Be Like

During our recent stay at Glacier National Park, we attended several talks by Park Rangers. Despite lengthy daily hikes in the Park, six year-old Boy Wonder restlessly squirmed and jiggled throughout the one-hour evening programs. On hearing from a Park Ranger that Glacier grizzly bears are adapted to foraging for huckleberries and eating carrion, this interchange:

Boy Wonder (inappropriately loud whisper): DAD.
500 Jerk Spouse: SHHHH. Yes, buddy?
Boy Wonder: DAD. I don't know about grizzly bears, but I’m not ADOPTED for sitting still. I’m ADOPTED for PLAYING.
500 Jerk Spouse: [Rueful laughter.]
Boy Wonder: DAD. I'M SERIOUS. Is this over? Is this over yet? DAD. Can we go?

That boy has more energy than you would believe humanly possible. Also, an amusing tendency to jumble words when he is at his most earnest.

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