Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introducing . . . Posy!

A big welcome to the newest member of the 500Jerk pack!

Weighing in at under ten pounds, and only seven weeks old, it's Posy! The seriously sleepy Newfoundland pup!

This pup needs a lot of rest. She did rally briefly on Sunday to search out our sweet old black Labrador retriever, Tucker. I'm not sure why, given that Tucker acts as if Posy isn't really here. I think Tucker's hoping that if she just pretends there isn't an adorable ball of fur bouncing around, Posy will just disappear.

When she's awake, Posy seems to like a game of chase, although she isn't terribly coordinated. Her back paws always seem to get ahead of her front paws. Good thing the grass is soft.

Look at that gap-toothed grin--can you tell who loves her?

And look at that long-suffering Labrador retriever. Can you tell who's not so sure?


BJF said...

Welcome to Posy! At ten pounds and seven weeks, she shows signs of being bigger and shaggier than her older sister, Tucker, who looks on at this new addition to her family with aloof indifference, at least so far. I for one look forward to watching Posy grow-w-w. Here's to big fluffy dogs!

Betsy Tant said...

Good Lord, the cuteness! Tucker looks skeptical. Congratulations on the new baby(-: