Monday, August 3, 2009

That's Enough with Your Annoying Questions

I was so glad to see the eight year-old Miss M when we picked her up Sunday after a sleepover that I peppered her with questions a bit too intensely:

500Jerk: So did you have fun?
Miss M: Yes. It was really fun.
500Jerk: What did you do?
Miss M: We stayed up until midnight.
500Jerk: Wow, that's late. Are you tired?
Miss M: No.
500Jerk: So what did you have for breakfast?
Miss M: We had biscuits.
500Jerk: Is that all?
Miss M: And vegetarian sausage, and vegetarian gravy.
500Jerk: Was it good?
Miss M: Yes.
500Jerk: What is vegetarian gravy made out of, anyway?
Miss M (weary sigh): Oh, I don't know, Mom. Vegetarians?


katie said...

I just spewed diept pepsi all over my computer screen. That's hilarious

500Jerk said...

Maddie corrected me--I asked about vegetarian GRAVY, not vegetarian SAUSAGE. Seriously, what could be in vegetarian gravy?

It was so fun to see you and Jon Saturday night, and I really enjoyed meeting Robert and Nicole. Hope to see you again soon!