Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Hope Santa Has Stock in Legos

I present for your amusement Boy Wonder's Legos--I mean, Santa--list.


AppyLove said...

I'm wishing I had stock in Legos these days. Lawsy those things are expensive. And there are these whole new worlds of Lego construction that were not on my radar as a kid. Plus, I saw a couple of large vases made of Legos in Architectural Digest that were selling in a Miami gallery for $1500. Could be a good summer income for the BW!
I hope he feels better soon, by the way. We're super-thankful for this particular T-day just so our school kiddos can get some much-needed rest. They're a haggard-looking bunch these days.

500Jerk said...

They ARE expensive. We saw an huge Legos construct in a Chicago museum, so there are really cool things that can be done with them. But I wish I could find more of them on sale. Thanks for the get-well wishes, BW is doing better already. Antibiotics are amazing. Have a great Turkey Day! Are you cooking? I haven't even started to shop, and I'm hosting. Shoneys buffet is starting to look appealing.

AppyLove said...

Not cooking! I'm assuming that won't ever happen unless EVERYONE ELSE in my family dies. We're heading to Oklahoma to see some favorite family out there, and I'm thrilled. Not about the 14 hour drive tomorrow, but the visit should be great. I hope yours is too!

My main goal for the holiday, by the way, is to avoid hearing Susan Stamberg talk about her mother's cranberry relish on NPR. So far, so good.

500Jerk said...

Is that the one with the horseradish? I'm sick of hearing about it, too.

Safe travels!