Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Know, Chickens Can Smile--Wait. They Can't.

Six year-old Boy Wonder likes to impress his elders with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. What he doesn't know, he just makes up (it's such a boy thing). Sometimes it takes a while to figure out he's totally BS'ed you. Other times, the disinformation is so glaring, you know right away.

For instance, one night we were all sitting around shooting the breeze when Boy Wonder confidently informed us, "You know, chickens can smile," then immediately backtracked, "Wait--they can't."

I guess he figured he had entered the realm of the completely preposterous--WHAT WITH CHICKENS HAVING NO LIPS AND ALL. Of course, we teased him mercilessly:

"You know, Boy Wonder *loves* broccoli--wait. He doesn't."

"You know, cupcakes are awful--wait. They're not."

"You know, Boy Wonder follows the rules--wait. He doesn't."

But look at that face. You'd believe him if he had a bridge to sell, wouldn't you?

Wait--you shouldn't.

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