Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Sickness

The 500Jerk Spouse spent an uncomfortable Christmas Eve that I chalked up to simple overeating. Well. After spending most of Saturday night curled in a damp heap, I have new respect for the Spouse's fortitude. It seems that a raging stomach bug is passing through Knoxville ("Passing through"! Get it? HA!), and we were some of the lucky recipients. Boy Wonder got a dose of it last night and woke this morning wan and gray, though clamoring for blackberry IZZE (IZZE is the consolation prize for vomiting in the 500Jerk household). Miss M hasn't gotten it yet, but time will tell. No one has much of an appetite at this point. On the bright side, I seem to have a leg up on my New Year's dieting resolution. Hurray for viruses!

We're expecting my sister-in-law's family in from Kentucky today, and although she has been duly warned of the stomach dangers percolating in our household, she, her husband, and seven kids are coming on anyway. She's tough like that; seven kids will do it to you. We're going to try to quarantine ourselves, but just to be safe, we're buying buckets. Nine of them. And a whole bunch of IZZE. It could be a complete trainwreck.

Stay tuned!


AppyLove said...

Oh nooooo!!! So sorry to hear this. We had a family-wide bug two years ago that we are STILL talking about at every get together. I hope you have a restful visit with the KY family and the IZZE works its magic.

Grace said...

oh no! My family in Charlotte had that bug over Christmas too - spread like wildfire, so our cousins probably won't be making the trek to see us in Knoxville. Hope everyone is back on their feet and feelin' fine for the New Year!