Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honored Guest

After seeing an advertisement for Garnet Hill bath towels weirdly monogrammed in red with the word "Guest"--I mean, how faceless and replaceable would that make YOUR guests feel?--I offer some idle thoughts on other inappropriate monograms for guest towels:

1. Mooch
2. Hot Water Hog
3. Company . . . Again
4. Unwashed
5. Burden
6. Relative

I'm sure there are many more--feel free to add in the comments below--but seeing as I'm flying solo on the parenting front, duty calls. Rest assured, though, if you are visiting Chez 500Jerk, we do not refer to you as "the Guest," nor do we see the need to label your towels with "Guest." Rather, we treasure the unique and irreplaceable pleasure of your company. In fact, we like you so much that we take out the very best towels of our admittedly shabby lot, and we give them to you.

No monograms necessary.


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