Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Would You Rather?

There's a new game in the 500Jerk household, and it's called "Would You Rather?" As in, "Would you rather lick a frog or a slug?" or "Would you rather clean your room or go to school?" or the dilemma of "Would you rather marry Marshall or Max?" The "Would You Rather?" game sparks all sorts of fun conversation and provides me with insight into my kids' thinking. It's an excellent example of how unscheduled time in the car or a waiting room doesn't need to be filled up with handheld video games to be entertaining. I might add, too, that aside from allowing me to pontificate about video games, "Would You Rather?" is a useful parenting tool. Last night, for example, the 500Jerk Spouse and I had a hankering for Asian food, so we asked our small Asian-food-hating children, "Hey, would you guys rather eat at T.Ho or have your ears stapled to the wall?"

Internet, it worked like a charm.


AppyLove said...

We used to have an inappropriate version of this game about our high school teachers. It seems like poetic justice that I went into the field of education.

Now, how about this one: would you rather get a vintage World's Fair Wendy's tumbler set or a digital photo keychain of embarrassing high school pics as a white elephant gift? Tough one, isn't it?

Merry Christmas!! Hope you all have a great one.

Grace said...

High-larious!!! We play that too, but haven't been savvy enough to use it to our advantage. Hoping it will work for us and we can eat somewhere WE want to eat. One can only consume so much Mexican food.

500Jerk said...

Appy Love, I'm totally going with the tumblers. Pictures from high school days are just WAY too goofy to have around.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

500Jerk said...

Taste of Thai currently has a Santa roaming the restaurant. It's very curious (Santa in a Thai restaurant?), but he appeases the younger set and allows the adults to get the drunken noodle they crave. Good luck!