Monday, January 11, 2010

The Christmas Sickness Saga Continues!

The Kentucky branch of the greater family clan visited shortly after Christmas despite warnings of a bad stomach bug passing through the 500Jerk household. Within one day of arriving, and notwithstanding our many precautions, two of the nine visiting family members had been sickened and laid out flat. The virus later went on to take down a total of seven of the nine Kentucky cuzzins, some before our visit ended, and others after they returned home. Which led to to this texting between my SIL and me:

SIL: Catherine stopped vomiting after four hours. Laura sick now.

Me: SO SORRY. Catherine strong like bull, no?

SIL: Yes. Laura strong like fluffy bunny.

One of the Kentucky cuzzins escaped the virus entirely because of some natural immunity (Miss M did, too). The other flew to California. But the virus waited patiently for his return, and sure enough, almost two weeks after Christmas, Cuzzin Dan was delivered back to college yesterday, vomiting all the livelong way. What should have been a five-hour ride turned into a seven and a half hour stop and start ordeal. Unfortunately, a lovely young friend, J., was with him, and she was sick as well. By the time they staggered into school from what will surely be known as the Car Ride from Hell That Was All the Fault of Those East Tennessee Cuzzins, Dan and J. were too spent even to walk to the bathroom and collapsed with bags in their dorm's common area. Where no doubt the virus will take happy hold, sickening all who pass through. Who will then sicken an entire college campus.

It's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, East Tennessee-style.

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