Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost in the Shuffle

High up on the list of things I absolutely loathe to do is Look for Lost Stuff. Looking for misplaced stuff is a total waste of time, and it drives me crazy. For this reason, I compulsively put my keys, hairbrush, wedding rings, cellphones, chargers, dental floss, and all other miscellaneous items in the exact same place every single time. Works like a charm. And as my long-suffering, slightly-less-than-organized husband will attest, woe to the person who dares move my items. Have you ever seen the part in The Exorcist where the girl’s head turns around 360 degrees? Like that. Only angrier.

Neither my husband nor my children share my compulsion for keeping stuff located, so I spend a lot of time Looking For Their Stuff, an activity I detest even more than looking for my own stuff. Because what we’re looking for could be anywhere, and I mean that literally. In fact, we found my husband's phone in the refrigerator the other day. That's just nuts.

Given my hostility about looking for lost things—THINGS THAT DO NOT NEED TO BE LOST IF WE WOULD ONLY PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY BELONG--my family rarely asks me to look for stuff for them. So it’s a testament to how much I miss spending time with my adorable Boy Wonder that this morning when he wretchedly--as a last resort measure only--asked me to help find his shoes, I gladly seized the opportunity. Because looking for his shoes meant I would get to walk around the house with him. And potentially even the garage and the yard. And the neighbor's yard. In fact, when we found his shoes tucked away in a toy basket we never use, I felt it was too soon, because I didn’t get to hear fully about his share day on Tuesday, what Legos masterpiece he’s currently working on, and whether he likes the unexpected snow we’re currently having in Knoxville.

I miss my boy. I’ve got to see him more--even if it means looking for his stuff.

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