Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miss M Sunday Stream of Consciousness

I don't know what to say. What am I supposed to say? I can't wait until Dad comes back. Where did he fly to again? Timmy and I were playing a hula hoop game again. And I won. Yesterday I had two friends over. Um. Hmmm. We had pancakes for breakfast this morning. I'm going to buy nail polish with my allowance. I don't like coffee, and I'm sewing a bag with my mom's friend, Sarah. Sarah is awesome. She has three kids--Leah, Reed, and Ethan. These are my favorite polka dot tights.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maddie. She was awesome. And she got her flip flops all dirty. And then she got really, really sad, because she loved those flip flops. Oh, and she was an awesome hula-hooper. And she only liked mandarin oranges. Not fresh oranges. Her mom said she was weird. She had two dogs named Tucker and Posy. Posy was afraid of ducks. And Tucker didn't get along with Posy. And she had a little brother. His name was Timmy. He was a weirdo. She went to Costa Rica for her spring break. She held monkeys and had fun. And her Dad was in New York. Am I doing good so far? And her mom had orange pajamas. They were awesome. And she had a friend named Hadly. And she loved to sew. And she loved dogs. ALL kinds of dogs. Except for the mean ones. Did I already say that she loved to sew? And she loved the sound of typing. She loved to iron. And she had this nice soft blue blanket she got for her seventh birthday. Her little brother loved Legos. And she had four chickens, now three. And her brother broke her clay chickens. And she loved to play the ukelele. Where is this story? It's in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was good at everything. She loved math. She played the piano. And she had TONS of cousins--she liked one named Laura especially. She wakes up one morning, and everything is gone. So then, she had no food, no water, so she dies. Oh, and her name WASN'T Maddie. Her name was Maddie's Secret Twin.

The End.

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