Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miss M Is Growing Up at the Speed of Light

I went shopping at the Knoxville mall with nine year-old Miss M Sunday, and other than an inexplicably allergic reaction to a chain shoe store (nonstop sneezing coupled with narcoleptic-like urge to lie down and sleep forever), it was a fun time. Although shopping isn't one of my favorite pursuits, it gave us time to be together, and I liked that. I mean, when else do I get to have interactions like this:

Miss M: Mom, do you think I'm weird?

Me: No. Well, not all the time.

Miss M: Thanks, Mom, that's really reassuring.

Miss M's growing up fast, and all I can say to you parents of young children is, HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS. One minute they're all cute and cuddly, and the next minute they've mastered sarcasm and have opinions, secrets, and math problems you can't figure out. In the meantime, your hair turns gray, you decide to give driving the speed limit a try, and you and your spouse start saying things like, "Where does the time go?" or "What's that you say?"

It's completely disconcerting how fast it all happens.

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