Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Costa Rica

In an effort to push past the obstacle that has resulted in few or no blog postings in recent days, I am posting our Costa Rica 2010 vacation pictures with minimal editorializing.

All I have to say is, Costa Rica = good times + fun + hot, OK?

So without further ado . . . fabulous view of idyllic Costa Rican resort from balcony.

Aforesaid idlyllic resort, interior.

Crazy good room service breakfast on patio.

Miss M's ziplining substitute: hand and foot spa services.

Lunch at El Avion near Manuel Antonio. That's an abandoned Iran-Contra plane worked into the restaurant architecture, my friends.

Two cute boys.
One capuchin monkey.

Miss M and me.

What it feels like to be a capuchin monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Beautiful Manuel Antonio.

Boy Wonder reluctantly releases a crab held hostage in a coconut husk.

Tromping the streets.

Indulging in delicious drinks.

Peering over a bridge at the crocodiles hungrily circling below.

Visiting with friends.

Early morning lounging on the patio.

Hanging at local eateries.

Sitting on a bar swing in Jaco, eating fish tacos.

A shady spot in San Jose.

Heavily armed and armored police escorting crazed Costa Rican soccer fans to a game.

Et . . . voila, c'est fini!

Pura vida!

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