Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Enough with the Damn Kissing, Woman

Except for increasingly rare moments of spontaneous hugging and snuggling, seven year-old Boy Wonder is not an outwardly affectionate person. Where my nine year-old daughter frequently throws her arms around me and tells me how much she loves me, to my chagrin, Boy Wonder is now much too busy with Legos and stick ball to engage in these pursuits.

Although I had given him some space in recent days--mostly to spare my feelings from his exasperated eye-rolling every time I tried to hug him--I have embarked on a new campaign to break down his resistance. I now hug and kiss him at EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY despite the nonstop stream of complaints that invariably ensues.

It's boot camp, mama-style. I'm really enjoying it.

Boy Wonder? Not so much.

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