Monday, June 14, 2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Although by the post title you might think I was referring to the Stieg Larsson book everyone is reading--myself included--I'm actually referring to the girl-child below.

Miss M walked barefoot into a stirred-up yellow-jackets' nest last night as she set out for an evening kayak ride. Luckily, she escaped with only two major stings on her toes, but these stings were the cause of intense misery and howling and resulted in numerous wild-eyed avowals regarding a hatred of hornets, wasps, mosquitoes, poison ivy, summer, and the outdoors generally.

Did you know yellow jackets hang on and keep stinging their unfortunate targets even as aforesaid targets freak the hell out of there and hightail it for the river? And, as Miss M wailed inconsolably, after stinging, "THEY DON'T EVEN DIE! IT IS NOT OK, MOM, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EVEN DIE!"

I predict the next time Miss M visits our dock, she will be in combat boots and a beekeeper's suit.

That is, if we can ever again lure her out of the air-conditioned, bug-free safety of her room.

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Sarah said...

I hate that for her! You may, or may not, want to tell her that apparently dead wasps can STILL sting, Leah learned that the hard way ;-(