Friday, June 4, 2010

She Treats Me Like a Dog

Despite many second thoughts on adopting our gigantic Newfoundland, Posy (AKA "The Posy-Monster"), misgivings which are well-chronicled here and here, I have to smile when I come home from work and see her enormous black and white form streak across the lawn to greet me. She usually besmears me with some awful substance as I emerge from my car, but nonetheless, I always have time for an enthusiastic greeting, back pounding, and laugh. There's just something so sweet and soulful about a dog.

Now there's a new article which notes that treating your spouse like your pet could improve the marital relationship:

The old expression “you get what you give” may apply here. Maybe you give something very positive to your pet that invites the unconditional love and connection that makes you feel so good. Maybe it has potential to enhance your relationship.

The article encourages you to accept your spouse's minor failings much as you would your dog's (e.g., Do you hold a grudge when your dog soils the rug? Then why hold a grudge when your spouse loses your mail?) and to happily greet him or her as you would your pet.

So, last night I put words into action and when I got home, I enthusiastically greeted the 500Jerk Spouse, pounding him on the back. "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," I shrieked, "How are YOUUUUUUUUU?" I grinned. He stared at me quizzically.

Then I shut the door to the mudroom and wouldn't let him in the house. Just like the dog.

The End.


AppyLove said...

Roy Blount Jr. tells a joke that goes something like:

There's a reason why dogs are referred to as man's best friend. If you want to try it out, put your dog in the trunk of your car with your wife and go for a long drive in the country. When you open the trunk to let them out, see which one's happier to see you.

500Jerk said...

Pretty funny. The Spouse liked this, too.