Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Unabated Legos Obsession

As I was sifting through heaps of junk mail last night, I noticed a new Legos catalog and casually asked Boy Wonder if he wanted it.

Well. Did I have rocks in my head? Was I CRAZY? Of COURSE he wanted it. The Boy snatched the Legos catalog from me and tore into it like a frenzied guinea pig after a bag of Cheetos. He read the catalog through dinner last night, then he read it after dinner, then--after a brief and apparently unsatisfying stint with Where's Waldo in Hollywood?--he took it to bed with him. It's quite possible he read the Legos catalog late into the night because he seemed awfully tired this morning. Then he brought it down for breakfast to pore over some more. He ignored his sister's taunts and any efforts to integrate him into normal breakfast conversation. Finally, his dad staged an intervention and took the Legos catalog away, because the Boy really hadn't eaten anything for the last two meals.

He is not a regular boy. He is a Supercharged Boy Obsessed with Small and Expensive Pieces of Danish Plastic. I do not pretend to understand the fascination, but am glad that he has found a passion. At $40 to $90 per Legos set, though, I need to get back to work so I can finance this continuing obsession.

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gracenov said...

New Legos games at Target...something lego that you can do together!