Friday, July 30, 2010

Librarian-Man Rolled His Eyeballs At Me

Given our thwarted Sunday afternoon library trip last weekend, the one in which I slogged through Knoxville's insanely hot downtown streets with two whining children, one of whom actually cried when we finally reached the library only to find it SURPRISE, SUCKERS! unexpectedly closed for HVAC repairs, I took the 500Jerk kids for a make-up library trip last night. Our downtown library closes at 7:00PM on Thursdays, a nice gesture for working stiffs who read, right? But here's the rub: should you actually go to the library in the evening, you must endure a gauntlet of hungry, tired, snappish librarians who want nothing more than for you to leave so they can go home already.

I feel their pain; by 6:15PM, I'm quite snappish myself, and that's why when the third library person told me in a span of 60 seconds the library would be closing in 20 minutes, I loudly retorted, "I KNOW that. She [pointing at person approximately eight inches away] just SAID that. While YOU [pointing at person approximately two inches away] were standing right here, in fact." Then, at 6:53PM, when I followed my Hannah Montana-obsessed 4th grader up to the CD section, librarian-man openly rolled his eyeballs at the sight of us. Rolled his eyeballs! For daring to enter his CD domain seven minutes prior to closing! The effrontery!

Where is this post going? I don't know. All I know is: (1) library visits on Thursday nights = FAIL; (2) eyeball-rolling library-man needs customer-service training; and (3) this working stiff is tired already and could use a nice cold one.

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