Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beach Boy

As soon as we hit Pawleys Island last week, Boy Wonder immediately ran out to the beach to scrabble in the sand. Never mind that it was about a 100 degrees, and we had yet to put on our swimsuits. Holes, holes, holes. They're what's on his mind, and during the week we were there, he dug a lot of them. Also, trenches. And tunnels. Had we brought the Posymonster, the beach in front of our house would have been absolutely impassable. As it was, you really did need to watch your footing.

Although we all love the beach, Boy Wonder appears to enjoy it most of all. This year was a big one for swimming in the ocean, boogie-boarding, and even surfing. Of course, he had a partner in crime, a first cousin who shares his name.

Oh, those Timmys. How I love them at this age. They're sweet and very, very busy. Almost every morning of our beach vacation they and nephew, Michael, woke me before anyone else in the house was awake. We would eat cereal in the kitchen, read Charlotte's Web, play hide and seek and Go Fish, and watch Phineas and Ferb. Although I was sometimes groggy, early mornings with the boys were one of my favorite parts of our family beach vacation. Sleep is just no substitute for sitting on a kitchen stool in the early morning sunlight, drinking coffee and laughing at a seven year-old's terrible jokes.

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