Monday, August 16, 2010

Where Am I?

For starters, I was busy at work, then blissfully doing nothing--nothing at all--on a full-time basis last week at the beach, so. No blogging. "I didn't get any blogs again today," my mother reminded me last night. So I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon, but a few initial things of note:

1. My friend, Katie Allison Granju, has been nominated by the Knoxville News Sentinel as one of East Tennessee's best bloggers for her work on Mamapundit. Katie is a fantastic, spirited writer-mama whose optimism, generosity, and strength inspire me and countless others. Vote for Katie.

2. When you're undergoing a minor procedure that does not involve anesthetic and your dermatologist tells you now's as good a time as any to start your Lamaze breathing exercises, do not wail, "BUT I NEVER LEARNED LAMAZE BREATHING EXERCISES. I NEVER LEARNED THEM!!!" Remember! This just makes you look pathetic.

3. Speaking of things that make you look pathetic, palmetto bugs are terrifying. Especially when found rattling around the "clean" dishes in your beach rental house's dishwasher. Although, like me, you may wish to plan your next beach vacation around the known habitats of palmetto bugs, they're apparently everywhere within driving distance in the Southeast. Alternative solution: never open dishwashers in beach rental houses.

4. My niece, Elizabeth, is having surgery AGAIN today. This must be about the tenth major procedure she's had in her young life, plus she struggles with various ailments and conditions on a daily basis. Does she ever complain? No. She is upbeat, full of life, and always thinking of others. Send positive thoughts Elizabeth's way.

5. Newfoundlands apparently like Silly Bandz, too. Mmmmm . . . so delicious.

6. School starts tomorrow. Time to rock and roll!


Sarah said...

Glad the beach was technology-free, relaxing (except for bugs), and a whole week long but also glad to know that the blog is back in session.

AppyLove said...

I'm glad too.