Friday, September 24, 2010

Haiku for Modern Moms: 42 and Counting

Watch out, the haiku wild hair has got me again. This time, an ode to my ridiculously expensive eye cream:

42 and Counting
by 500Jerk

Eye cream, I bought you
In hopes you would turn back time.
Nightly, I smear you

Into my laugh lines
But I see no real progress.
Rather, time’s progress

Continues. Wrinkles
Deepen, and only my funds
Visibly dwindle.

Hope in a glass jar
Or just snake oil? Regardless,
My HSA will not pay.

If that left you wanting more, my haiku for unwanted meals, Google calendar, and a working mom's dinner can be found here, here, and here.


AppyLove said...

Please, please, please enter this contest:

gracenov said...

Your face is perfect. I do know a good eye cream though. Love the arbonne. when oh when will you post again?