Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boy Wonder Takes It to DC

Boy Wonder took his irrepressible energy and good spirits to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago. Although he appears as a blur in most shots (the boy simply does not stop moving, EVER), turning my camera to an extremely high shutter speed sometimes allows me to capture my elusive target.

Catch me if you can, football tag on the Mall.

Taking the "Please touch" instruction at the American Museum of Natural History further than most by actually climbing INSIDE the rock on exhibit.

Passing time climbing trees. It's probably some kind of federal offense to climb trees in DC, but observe the cuteness. I find cuteness plays well in a defendant.

An unusually thoughtful moment at Rasika, a fabulous modern Indian restaurant in DC's Penn Quarter.

Not being an Indian food lover, he may have been negotiating for ice cream at this point. So we followed our spicy dinner with the unbelievably delicious fruit-topped sweet-sour yogurt at TangySweet in Dupont Circle.

That Boy Wonder, he keeps me on my toes.

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