Saturday, October 23, 2010

OMG, He Matches, Get a Picture

Thanks to Boy Wonder's unerring ability to misplace at least one of any set he has, he has appeared at AYSO soccer games this fall in various mismatched and inappropriately-sized garb. There are red AYSO jerseys and socks, and there are yellow AYSO jerseys and socks, and even though we laid down $30 for entire matching sets of each late this summer, by October, Boy Wonder had no yellow jersey and was missing at least one sock. Then his red jersey went missing, which left us with a jersey from the U5 (under five) season three years ago and three socks. He looked a lot like Winnie the Pooh running down the field in his tiny jersey and inappropriately tight shorts, the weirdness magnified by his mismatched socks. It's hard to understand this missing clothing phenomenon, because he leaves the house clothed, and he comes home clothed. So where, exactly, do his clothes go?

Today, we bought an entirely new set of AYSO jerseys and socks, and I am memorializing it here forever, because I'm a realist--I know all the matching sets will be gone soon.

See that expression? Translated, it means: Mom, You're Very Tiresome About These Matching Shirts and Socks, and You Know I'm Only Standing Here Because You Promised Me a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

But he matches, at least for today, and I'm feeling quite smug about it.

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