Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girl Scouts Rock!

A friend and I have led a Girl Scout troop for the last three years, and although we stress out before each meeting about what we're going to do, when I think back on it, we've really done a lot of cool things. We've been to Ijams, the Young-Williams Animal Center, and a backyard camp out. We've hosted The Hominy Mamas and Bush's Beans. We've cooked stone soup, planted basil, decorated Christmas cakes and cookies, pitched tents, and made sit-upons, t-shirts, jewelry, and a rattle-trap. We've made cat toys for the animal shelter and written Knoxville's mayor-now-governor about a dangerous sidewalk (he even wrote back!). We've played a lot of spud and redlight-greenlight, sang songs, hiked, and memorized the girl scout pledge. We've lost a few girls and gained a few along the way, but it's always been excellent fun.

I love my time with these girls. They're spirited, interested, capable, opinionated, and funny. I wish I had taken more pictures of our activities, but on a hike at Ijams earlier this fall, a thoughtful mother snapped the above shot of some of our troop.

Don't they look like a fun bunch of girls?

Girl scouts rock!

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