Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now Brought to You by Boy Wonder: Helen of Troy

Remember Boy Wonder's interest in Greek mythology? Well, when second-grade book report time rolled around again, he decided to create a diorama of his current favorite: Helen of Troy.

See the Greeks hidden inside the Lego Trojan horse? And the Trojans peeking out of the gate? And Helen and the Greek gods presiding over it all?

This is Boy Wonder's account of Helen of Troy:

"There was this girl who was so pretty that she started a war because of how pretty she was. Troy stole Helen, and Greece wanted her back for their queen. And Greece had already had her for their queen. And they had a big war. And the gods sat on the wall. It was called the Trojan War. And the Greeks won it because they went back and hid behind an island and they left this horse. And the Trojans didn't think the Greeks had room for it so the Trojans kept it as a trophy. And at night the humans in the horse opened up the gates and all of the Greeks destroyed everything in Troy. Except for three people. I can't remember their names. It was two sons and one father. Then Helen came back to Greece. And the two sons and the father went to another place, called Rome. The end."

I think he's got the gist of it.


bjf said...

FANtastic! Is there anyway to preserve this wonderful creation? This could be the start of a lifetime collection. Maybe there will be more Events in Lego by Boy Wonder. I certainly hope so!

gracenov said...

okay, that is incredible! way to combine hobby/love/obsession with schoolwork!