Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WANTED: Spring Break Destination

OK, Interwebs, I'm down to the wire and need your help with a spring break possibility. Here are the criteria:

1. Can't be too cold.
2. Or too hot.
3. Or involve man-sized lizards.
4. Must offer variety of things for people ages eight through forty-three to enjoy, including killer pool, indigenous crafts, beautiful scenery, action-packed adventure, fine food, and friendly people.
5. Bonus points for potential real estate investment opportunities.
6. Cannot be on verge of a people-led revolution.*
7. Or subject to State Department warnings.
8. Potable water a must.
9. Vacation can last no more than a week.
10. Gatlinburg not an option.

All ideas welcome.

* As noted by AppyLove, this rules out Wisconsin.


AppyLove said...

I was going to suggest Madison, but I think numbers 1 (and 6?) eliminate it as a possibility. It's beautiful in the summer, though!

bjf said...

What about exploring one state? Like Virginia? You could go top to bottom in one week.
Still thinking...