Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Tennis Menace

Despite my pitiful hand-eye coordination and total lack of game sense, I've recently taken up tennis, and this spring started playing USTA matches on a 2.0 team. The appraising Miss M wanted to know more about my ranking relative to my teammates.

Me: Well, D. and A. are on our first doubles team. G. and I are the second-best doubles team.

Miss M (pointedly): Second-best? Or just second?

Me: Well, OK, second, I guess.

Miss M: Second out of how many?

Me: Well . . . . two.

Miss M (chortling): Second out of two? Second out of TWO? Gee, Mom, *sarcasm alert* that's GREAT.

Me (by this time laughing so hard I can barely talk): I know, I know, RIGHT?

That Miss M, she likes to keep things real.


AppyLove said...

Awesome! Allen loves tennis, so maybe you two can do mixed doubles someday. I've tried to play tennis (my dad also loves it) and I am a miserable failure. Coordination is not my strong suit. I just can't figure out how to move that many body parts in simultaneous response to a small object, no matter how neon it is!

So excited to see a new post!

500Jerk said...

Coordination is not my strong suit, either. I wish I could convey in words the dismayed gasp the tennis pro makes every time I swing at the ball. "AHHHHH!" She's right--it ain't pretty.

Glad to see you will be writing more on your blog!