Friday, April 8, 2011

House Mountain Adventure

After a LOOOONG winter of papier-mache and indoor red light/green light, Miss M's Girl Scout troop was agitating for an outdoor adventure. So last Sunday, the troop hiked House Mountain, the highest spot in Knox County. It was an absolutely gorgeous spring day here in East Tennessee, and my rumpled little friends got off to an early start.

Everyone was raring to go.

Some mothers even joined us for the hike. It's always good to have a biochemist and a physician along for a hike. Just in case you have a cellular kind of question pop up. Or a bad rash.

Because the trees haven't leafed out yet, the views on the way up House Mountain were pretty stunning. Halllooooo down there!

Do you remember what it was like to be enthusiastic about practically everything? Me neither. But my girl scouts are. Enthusiastic! About! Everything!

Look! It's an inchworm! AN! INCHWORM!

It's awesome. Children teach us way more than we teach them. And aren't they cute? Like wee little ants, toiling up a hill.

The adults were so busy chatting at the back of the line that the girls up front decided which path to take up the mountain. In retrospect? That was a mistake. We ended up taking a closed and semi-dangerous route with steep drop-offs and lots of rocky obstacles. Next time: two adults in front, two adults in the back. We'll just have to shout to each other.

We made it to the top without mishap or accident, though. Hurray!

Then we devoured a box of Thin Mints in celebration.

The girls were tough. The hike took about three hours and it was a pretty difficult ascent. Along the way I learned about Knoxville's junior symphony orchestra, my youngest Girl Scout's favorite book, and how one girl's grandmother has hiked the Swiss Alps.

But mostly? That children really enjoy kicking up their heels and being outside.

You know what? I do, too.

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