Friday, April 15, 2011

If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Come Sit by Me

The 500Jerk children take a weekly etiquette class at their wonderful elementary school, and this week, Miss M and Boy Wonder brought home a handout listing twenty-five rules of social behavior a child should know by age nine. Most of the rules make perfect sense and, if followed, would undoubtedly make the world a better place. With one exception: “No. 6. Do not complain. The world is not interested in what you don’t like.”

Oh, but I beg to differ! Being a rather constant complainer myself, I am always interested to know what others don’t like. In my book, talking about something one doesn’t like isn't a complaint, it's a CONVERSATION. And I am more than happy to to hear your complaints. If you ever want to discuss life’s minor hardships, please. Come sit by me. Heck, you might even give me ideas of some other things to complain about.

I jest, I jest. But seriously. No complaints? Ever?

What on earth would people have left to discuss?

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Anonymous said...

Agree! Well said.