Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Losing a Tennis Match: What I Think Is This

1. I don’t like to lose.
2. Or play poorly.
3. Or let my hard-working doubles partner down.
4. But mostly?
5. I don’t like to lose.
6. My right wrist is killing me.
7. I’m additionally pained by my serious level of tennis suckitude.
8. Why, for example, can I not control the urge to hit EVERY ball? I’m like a ball-frenzied Labrador retriever out there. It’s on my side? I’ll get it. It’s on your side? I’ll get it. It’s going over the fence? I’LL GET IT.
9. Then I miss.
10. That’s an example of something that keeps me up at night.
11. Is playing tennis recreational? Or stressful? I can’t tell.
12. So.
13. When are we playing again?


gnov said...

We BOTH worked hard and we BOTH make mistakes BUT I have to say we really had stronger strengths in our game last night - Even though we loss, our improvement is actually visible!

gnov said...

oh boy, should have proof-read that first...

500Jerk said...

You played a great game, and it WAS fun. I wish we were playing again tonight. We could take'em this time.